High Tech Bubble Burst NASDAQ to 1100- 1250

It warned in 1999 and again Sept 2007 again that market analysts and high tech company have misled the investors again that high tech are immune to mortgage , credit, financial crisis. Again they drag into 1980 style deep  recession and bubble burst in 2009 due to slump in consumer and busiess spending soaring jobless rate due to trillion thousing and stock market wealth loss Big name high fliers GOOG ad AAPL will plunge more than 70- , IBM will plunge 50% despite share buy back. NASDAQ index will down 70 % to 1100- 1250 level in the recession through 2009. details on www.osawh.com/NASDAQ.htm www.osawh.com/mortdefa.htm
Comment by Warren Huang  Wall Street Journal Market Beat Blog- Dec. 31, 2008 at 2:43 am

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