2009 Proactive Structural US/China housing, credit, financial crisis, recession Operations Simulation Analysis

 on 2009 China/US/Global Monetary, Economic, Stimulus,  Fiscal Bail Out Impact on Housing, Banking, Financial Crisis, Recession Daily Financial Markets Asset Prices, Trillion Dollar Recession Hedge Optimal long-short  strategy lectures      by Dr. Warren Huang lectures, panelist speakers on financial crisis, recession strategy  Feb, March Hong Kong, Pudong QFII/QDII summit  conferences 2009  Phase I  monetary, economic, fiscal policy impact on Global Housing, Equities, Commodities, Bond, Derivatives Asset Prices  Bubble Burst Mechanism and Sub-prime crisis on Daily Prices Dynamics , Subprime, mortgage, Credit crisis, Financial , Systemic Risks   impact on  Recession and  Phase II Global deep recession impact on housing price slump, banking, credit, financial crisis and industrial sectors demand, prices slump and defaults for  Asian private equities, leverage finance acquisition summit  , Feb 16- 17, Hong, Kong  by EuromoneyTrillion Dollar Recession Hedge Optimal long-short ,ultra short strategy for  China Derivatives, Summit Credit, Financial Crisis, Recession Risks Hedging  2009  Conference, Pudong, China, March, 2009      by   EUROMONEY               Trillion Dollar Recession Risks Hedging  2009  Conference, Pudong, China, March, 2009   program           China     China/US 2009 Housing, Financial Crisis,  Recession,, Infrastructure Stimulus Impact on  Economy, Capital Markets    Forecast by Dr. Warren Huang  Proactive Structural Trillion Dollar Recession Hedging, Multiclass Asset, Derivatives Allocation Strategy       by Dr. Warren Huang  website: www.osawh.com   Hyatt Regency, Pudong, Shanghai, Mar 24- 25, 2009 www.osawh.com/mortdefa.htm www.osawh.com/riskm.html

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